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Christian, Tower Of Babel, Plain of Shinar, Global Flood, Noah's Flood, Language Split
Nimrod, Confusion of Language, God's Judgement, Young Woman, Fighting, Wilderness, Survival, Disobedience, Kidnap

Of One Tongue

An enthralling book that takes one back in history! A real page turner!!

In 2241 B.C., just one hundred and six years after the global flood, the plain of Shinar is a vast wilderness. There a great tower has been built to reach the heavens placed inside a walled municipality known as The City.

Strong-willed Nabella lives a quarter- days- journey from the safety of mankind’s sole city on her father, Jokaan’s, olive orchard. When she discovers a grisly ritual the family believes they’ve been cursed for refusing to move their business to The City. Nabella is determined to help the men even though her betrothed disapproves.

She sneaks through the orchard when she is attacked by a tanniyn-a fearsome beast. Wounded when she tries to escape she winds up overhearing the men say only Noah, Shem or Japheth from the Former World can break the curse.

Meanwhile Ra’anel, head celestial advisor, lures people into The City to worship pagan gods so he and Cush can control them. But Nimrod’s feats as a mighty hunter become increasingly formidable. And tyrannical.

Nabella follows her father, disguised as a boy to seek Shem for herself. But her life is in peril when she finds herself kidnapped, forced to do Cush’s will, and her charade is discovered. Will Nabella find Shem? Will the curse be broken? Will her betrothed come to the rescue?

Then God changes the one language and Nabella’s life changes forever…



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The Golden Strand of Shinar Summary

Shoshana a recent widow, and mother of three young children, is captured by the tyrant king, Nimrod, who imprisons her to be used as the first human sacrifice. A social outcast, Kaleb, brother to Terach—the second most powerful man in Babylonia—and a prisoner is determined to save her. Meanwhile, ten-year old Nebz and his cousin are unwittingly drawn into an uprising against the king. Will they survive? Will Kaleb’s plan work; and at what cost? Does God hear their beseeching prayers, or will Shoshana be burned alive…






Willow Dressel, author, speaker, creation scientist and wildlife specialist. Willow has been writing for over eight years and though most of her work is non-fiction, she has enjoyed weaving stories around actual occurrences all her life. Make sure to check out interesting creation science facts on the Bible in her blog; 


Willow has spoken and taught many creation science and writing subjects to women’s Bible studies, youth groups, children’s classes, academia, men’s groups, writing groups and more. Mrs. Dressel has been accumulating fossils for numerous years and would love to share her collection with you. She is available for speaking events with topics covering a multitude of subjects including;


  • Creation Science
  • Creation vs. evolution
  • The fall of man and changes in the universe
  • The former world (the world before the flood)
  • Longevity of life
  • The global flood
  • The Tower of Babel and the Language split
  • Dispersion of mankind
  • Who was cave man?
  • The Ice Age/deglaciation
  • Dinosaurs

(Take a look at my blog, , to get further ideas about creation science topics.)

  • Professional Writing 
  • Christian writers in today’s world
  • Research your book
  • Growing up atheist 
  • Peer pressure
  • Meet the skeptic
  • Out of country missionaries—reaching the people
  • Dancing with a porcupine—who is this man I married?
  • Meet your true self, the son, the daughter of your Father in Heaven
  • Forgiveness, the Light, and your eternal identity

If you would like to schedule Willow for a speaking engagement please contact her at:




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of one tongue

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